Are There Really Benefits To Whey Protein Before Workout?

Fitness experts agree that one of the best ways to improve your overall health and fitness is by increasing your lean muscle mass and reducing your body fat percentage. And again,Are There Really Benefits To Whey Protein Before Workout? Articles these experts are one in saying that intensive weight training is among the best ways of achieving both of those fitness goals. Now, what do these goals have to do with taking whey protein before workout sessions?

Spur Protein Synthesis – Promote Muscle Growth: It is a well-known fact that people who engage in heavy resistance training and regularly take whey protein benefit from faster recovery and accelerated muscle growth than those who train only with light weights and simple exercises. But, did you know that your diet also plays a major role in dictating your muscle gains How Much Creatine Should I Take from weight training? More importantly, the amount of body fat you burn during exercise largely depends on your nutrient intake. This is where the consumption of whey protein before workout sessions enters the scene.

Get Intense To Reap Maximum Muscle Benefits: Intensive weight training exercises like front Squats, Deadlifts and other compound movements can give you a much better body composition by stimulating protein synthesis and promoting the burning of fats even after your workout session has long ended. This is due to the large muscle groups secreting a large amount of growth hormone post workout. By ingesting whey protein pre workout you are supplying your body with enough protein to offer a solid foundation to power you through your workout and prevent your muscles being used as fuel by the body.


The best news is that scientific research has revealed that certain foods and dietary supplements (inlcuding Whey and Whey Protein Isolate) can effectively increase the amount of muscle protein synthesized after a session of resistance training. Additionally, Whey can increase the percentage of body fat burned during and after a training session. To be more specific, a number of scientific studies have shown that muscle protein synthesis is significantly increased when you take whey protein before workout sessions.

These studies also came up with the same positive whey protein side effects for the taking of whey protein after a workout. Experts agree that the best time to take whey protein supplements is within 30 minutes before and after each workout session.